Initial Motion For Appropriate Relief

July 2007
2007 Affidavit Wesley Hopkins
Affidavit Wesley Hopkins 2007

Affidavit of Wesley Hopkins, who discovered Gailey's body, detailing how the crime scene photos shown at trial were incorrect

2007 Affidavit Dolly Ponds
Affidavit Dolly Ponds 2007

Affidavit of Vanessa Smith's pre-trial cellmate detailing her erratic and unstable behaviour, her conflicting stories and how she manipulated her way out of jail

2007 Affidavit by John F. Warren
Affidavit by John F. Warren III. in 2007

Expert opinion by a psychologist, asked to assess documents about Vanessa S.' stays in drug treatment centers as well as other available information on her mental health.

2007 Statement by Tanzy L.
Affidavit by Tanzy L. in 2007

Witness for the night of the murder. Statements contradict Vanessa S.' recount of the events.

2007 Affidavit by Dustin M.
Affidavit by Dustin M. in 2007

Dustin M. recounts that, during the investigation as well as during the trial, the police and the prosecution were pushing him into saying things that were not true.