Scott needs legal representation. If you are a lawyer (or if you know a lawyer) with some experience in criminal law and willing to work pro bono, please contact us. There is an urgent situation related to the current set of hearings and Scott needs legal assitance by someone he can trust.


If you have legal training, you could also support us in other ways, for example:

  • Process and summarize information about the trial and the appeals process for readers with no legal background.

  • General advice for how to organize this effort and how to avoid mistakes.


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Talk about Scott's case with your friends and family, like and share our Facebook profile (coming soon). We are at the very beginning with this and we need to reach and engage more people.

You are a journalist or a content creator (e.g. for YouTube or Twitch)? Don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to work with you. 


Prison life is boring and isolated. One of the big ways to help Scott is to write him. The more contact with the outside world, the better.

For the time being, please contact us to get Scott's address.

Please follow this link here first. There are some things you have to keep in mind when writing to a prison (it is not complicated, but you need to know what not to do). Depending on where you live, it might take a couple of weeks before you hear back from Scott.

Artwork by Lucinda Devlin.

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