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Credibility as a Witness

"If Mr. Allen's attorneys had had access to the abovementioned records of Ms. S. there is considerable information in them that bears upon her veracity, her character, and the dependebility of her testimony."

- John F. Warren III, Psychologist (JohW_07; p. 25)

Alternative Stories

Over time, Vanessa S. has told the story of the murder to various parties. If we compare her stories, it quickly becomes apparent that she changes her account depending on whom she talks to and what purpose she is pursuing. Here is an overview:

  • Police and prosecution: Her statement to the police and prosecution is analyzed in detail above. Here we want to point out that Vanessa S. stresses again and again how afraid she was (VanS_99_02; p. 20, 22, 23, 24). Scott is a strong, dominant figure, pushing and dragging her around (p. 19, 20), commanding her to steal things (p. 22), forcing her to use the victim’s ATM card (p. 22), burning through powdered cocaine as fast as they could buy it (p. 22), and trying to make her walk into alleys, where she feared he wants to kill her (p. 23, 24). Her stated reason to go to the police also was her being afraid for her life, after he had told her he wants to come home to turn himself in to the police (p. 24). In short, Vanessa S. was a victim too.

  • Troy S.: Vanessa S. met Troy S. during her pre-trial incarceration and they became romantically involved (TroS_12; p. 01). When she was released on house arrest, she moved in with him (p. 01). Troy S. states she told him multiple times that she wanted the big roll of cash and the cocain Chris G. used to carry around (TroS_03; p. 02) and that it was her idea to jump Chris G. (p. 03), but that Scott did not want to hurt him (p. 03). According to Troy S., Vanessa S. described how she told Scott that “if he ever wants her pussy again, that he would get her that money and that cocaine” (p. 03). Troy S. also says she claimed to have used witchcraft on Scott and to have made him agree by using sexual favours (p. 04). Troy S. states that Vanessa claimed to have pulled the trigger herself, as “the pussy motherfucker couldn’t do it and I had to do it myself” (TroS_12; p. 02). Troy S. adds that Vanessa “still sits around and laughs about how easily she manipulated Scott” (TroS_03; p. 04). In this version of events, Vanessa appears as the great manipulator, a witch that controls and manipulates men with her powers and her sex. Scott on the other hand is only an emasculated shadow of his alter ego from the statement to the police, reduced to craving Vanessa S. and bowing to her will, but ultimately unable to do the deed, so she has to do it herself.

  • Dolly P.: Dolly P. was a cellmate of Vanessa S. during her pre-trial incarceration (MAR_07; p. 32). Here the story is about her boyfriend killing a guy by kicking or shooting him in the head, after the victim had refused to hand over money for more drugs (DolP; p. 01). The victim is being killed right after getting out of his truck, not on a hike through the forest (p. 01). Her boyfriend says that “he killed the son of a bitch” and she says “let’s go. let’s go” (p. 01). They take the victim’s wallet and leave the scene to buy more crack (p. 01). After that they return to throw rocks at the victim, so they can see, if he is dead (p. 01). The victim doesn’t move, so they leave (p. 01). Dolly P. adds that Vanessa S. never showed any remorse for her crime and had stated that “the worthless motherfucker should have gave (sic) us the money, wouldn’t get killed, if he had, we needed the money to get high” (p. 01). In this version Vanessa S. and her boyfriend appear to be ruthless, Bonny & Clyde-style criminals who would kill just about anyone, even if it is only for a bit of cash to buy crack.

It's worth pointing out again that none of these stories fit the evidence from the crime scene. Also, the jury heard nothing about these alternative versions, despite the fact that both prosecution and defense knew about them (XXX_XX, p XX). As with many other points discussed so far, we will get back to this under THE TRIAL.

Mental Health & Substance Abuse

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Manipulative Behaviour & Habitual Lying

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Threats & Possible Motives

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