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Scott D. Allen

Scott David Allen was arrested in 1999 and then sentenced to death for the murder of Christopher Gailey in 2003. Since then he has been incarcerated on death row in North Carolina, Central Prison.

  • Scott has always maintained he is innocent, but so far all his appeals for a new trial have been denied.​​

  • There is no forensic evidence for Scott's guilt. Crucial evidence, like a bloody knife found at the scene, was mishandled, ignored or even lost by the police.

  • The 'eyewitness' statement the State's case was built on can be shown to be entirely fabricated. Moreover, the witness had a documented history of instability, mental illness and drug abuse.


  • Neither police nor prosecution doubted the main witness or followed up on other leads for the case – despite many opportunities to do so.

  • Scott's trial lawyers completely failed to point out these, and other issues to the jury.

  • In 2020 the state's witness came forward in order to put right the wrong done to Scott, seeking help to tell her story.  Tragically, she died a few months later, still unheeded by the people Scott is depending on to represent him in court.

After years and years of enduring the torturous appeals process, in August of 2021 the North Carolina Supreme Court released its opinion on the case- in Scott’s favour.


Essentially- the NC Supreme Court ruled that the lower court got it wrong and Scott must now be given a full  and fair hearing into the failure of those lawyers to represent him so long ago.  We hoped that this critical hearing would take place in November last year, but 21 months later we are STILL waiting for a date that this evidence can be heard.


We will update this site as the time nears for the hearing, but please take a look at the resources, read Scott’s blog, share his story and please, please get in touch at if you have any ideas on how to help, or to show Scott some support.

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