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South Carolina inmate picks a firing squad over the electric chair : NPR

South Carolina court blocks planned execution by firing squad : NPR

Inmates In South Carolina To Choose Electric Chair Or Firing Squad : NPR

Supreme Court makes it more difficult for prisoners to argue they had ineffective counsel - CNNPolitics

Supreme Court sides with Arizona against death row inmates | Fox News

Supreme Court hobbles challenges by inmates based on poor legal representation : NPR

Bryan Clark: The Supreme Court’s absurd inhumanity: To preserve procedure, an innocent man must die (

Terence Andrus: Supreme Court lets stand the death sentence of Texas inmate - CNNPolitics

Jury Nullification: The People’s Tool Against Bad Laws and Bad Legal Actors | Criminal Legal News

A Death Row Inmate Asked SCOTUS If He Can Die by Firing Squad, and It Said Yes (

South Carolina is now prepared to carry out executions by firing squad : NPR

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