Full hearing on claims 7, 8 & 9 (sentencing phase)

Feb 12-15 2018
2018 Hearing Transcript Oldham
Hearing Transcript Oldham 2018

Transcript of Pierre Oldham's testimony exploring his failings at trial

2018 Hearing Transcript Dr Herfkens
Hearing Transcript Dr Herfkens

Transcript of Dr Herfkens' testimony on her professional opinion of Vanessa Smith's mental health history

2018 Hearing Transcript Lois Lawson
Hearing Transcript Lois Lawson 2018

Transcript of Lois Lawson's testimony detailing her then husband's motive to harm Gailey, Vanessa's anger toward Scott at leaving her for Kelly Racobs and the fact that neither of his trial attorneys asked her to tesify

2018 Hearing Transcript Christina Chamberlain
Hearing Transcript Christina Chamberlain 2018

Transcript of Christina Chamberlain testimony of Scott staying overnight at her house on the night of the shooting

2018 Hearing Transcript Atkinson
Hearing Transcript Atkinson 2018

Transcript of Atkinson testimony admitting to knowing of Scott's alibi or the night of shooting, and the letter from Vanessa stating his innocence, but failing to use either

2014 Affidavit Kelly Racobs
Affidavit Kelly Racobs 2014

Affidavit of Kelly Racobs, detailing Vanessa's escalating anger prior to accusing Scott of Chris Gailey's murder