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Vanessa S.' Statement Added to Resources

We are currently in the process of redacting the most important documents we used to lay out Scott's case, so we can make them available here. Today we uploaded Vanessa S.' second statement she gave to the police in 1999. It can be downloaded here or from our Resources section. This is the document we reference by the shortcut VanS_99_02 whenever we quote from it. Her account of the murder starts on page 17.

When redacting the document we shortened all last names but Scott's to the first letter. Entirely removed were names of people not relevant to the larger story as well as addresses and phone numbers. Whenever we chose to redact more than identifying information we justified the redaction by a short comment. We only did this when we judged information to be sensitive and irrelevant to the case (e. g. information about a sexual encounter with a third party in Vanessa's statement).

We chose to upload the second statement first, as it is more complete than the first, shorter one. The first statement will follow soon. We also hope to complete the section Vanessa S. soon. This might take another week or two, as the missing sections require us to compare more documents and statements than the previous ones. Check back regularly or subscribe to our newsletter. We will send a short notification when it's done.

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