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Well, Since You Didn‘t Ask...

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

It doesn’t seem to matter where you are anymore, or what you do in life for an income or for leisure, almost everyone wants their opinion to be heard, no matter where it is or whom they are talking to.

Casual asides, strong sincere debate, or heated arguments, they are more prevalent in our lives than ever. The various platforms for social media and plethora of gossip “news” shows, they all let you know who is saying what, as if it should matter to everyone all the time.

Recently I was taking a small break from my normal routine activities in order to stretch and just move around some more before getting back to it. As I was glancing up at the TV and the latest absurdity the the U.S. President was spewing out at that moment, while not particularly caring about what it was, someone sidled up to let me in on his opinion about that matter and in Trump in general.

After being thoroughly educated on whatever it was, this guy went on to tell me how this president is the best thing to happen to America, and the world for that matter, since Ronald Reagan. “Trump is better, and more effective in fact, otherwise the liberal media wouldn‘t be after him so and telling those lies all the time.” He went on to express how he wished that he was still in the military, because Trump cares about the troops and the important role they play in promoting America‘s values in other parts of the world where they are needed.

This transitioned into how the border wall should just be the beginning, and if “they just leave him alone, then everyone would be so much better off.” Trump doesn’t mind telling people how America’s values should be theirs (the worlds!), and that is why he is disliked by those “who want to bring us down to their level.”

It went on with ever more sickening and deeply repulsive comments until I excused myself back to the seclusion I spend more and more time seeking. Alone then, I went on to reflect on how easy it seems to be to believe basically everything. How you would be able to find this kind of opinion in police officers, religious leaders and politicians. How easy this kind of person seems to find it to decide who is “good” and who is “bad”; and how they stick with that opinion – no matter how non-sensical it might be.

Well, as you know by now, I exist against my will here on North Carolina Death Row – so the guy who sidled up to share his views is a notorious depraved serial killer with many more “suspected victims” that he chose to impart his morality upon. But he might just as well have ended up being a juror in someones trial – or a judge. Maybe in yours. And believe me, once someone like him is convinced of your guilt, nothing is going to change that. Even if all that lead him to that conclusion was a Facebook post by a friend … or that “He has this funny feeling about you, telling him the truth”.

People like this might seem a plight when you meet them out in the wild, but believe me, it is worse when you are locked in with them. Read my case and help me to get away from them.

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