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Alternate Scenarios

Affidavit Troy Spencer 2012

Affidavit by Troy S., describing his relationship with Vanessa S. and how she repeatedly bragged about making Scott's life hell – and how she claimed to have committed the murder herself

Hearing Transcript Lois Lawson 2018

Transcript of Lois Lawson's testimony detailing her then husband's motive to harm Gailey, Vanessa's anger toward Scott at leaving her for Kelly Racobs and the fact that neither of his trial attorneys asked her to tesify

Letter Unti ME Report Inconsistencies

Letter from Scott's post conviction counsel discussing differences in the original Medical Examiner's Report and what the Medical Examiner listed on the Death Certificate

Letter Unti McCrary Report Summary

Letter from Scott's post conviction counsel summarizing Greg McCrary's report

Affidavit Lois Lawson 2012

Affidavit of Lois Lawson in which she talks about her then husband leaving their house armed and angry on the night of the shooting

Affidavit Dolly Ponds 2007

Affidavit of Vanessa Smith's pre-trial cellmate detailing her erratic and unstable behaviour, her conflicting stories and how she manipulated her way out of jail

Summary of Kristian Allen's interview with Jamie Fender

Summary of Kristian Allen's interview with Jamie Fender

Lab Report 1999

Lab report detailing the little analysis that was done on the evidence found at the crime scene. Although the knife appears to have been sent for further testing, either none was done or the results were of no use to the prosecution

Statement Jamie Fender 2000

Interview with Jamie Fender in which he admits to being angry, armed and out looking for Scott on the night of the shooting

Statement Jeffrey Page 1999

Statement made by Jeffrey Page in November 1999. This significantly differs from his initial interview, and includes a number of convenient details not present in his earlier statement

Interview Jeffrey Page 1999

Initial Interview conducted with Jeffrey Page 27th October 1999. Notable for it's complete contradiction of his 3rd November statement

Affidavit Gregg O. McCrary 2015

Expert opinion by a former FBI agent. Concluding the police investigation was sub standard and the murder could not have possibly have happened in the way described by the main witness, Vanessa S.

Affidavit by Dustin M. in 2007

Dustin M. recounts that, during the investigation as well as during the trial, the police and the prosecution were pushing him into saying things that were not true.

Autopsy Report and Related Documents

Autopsy report and other documents (e. g. crime scene report).

Court Transcript Barry B. Part 1

First transcript of Lieutnant Barry B.'s testimony at the trial in 2003.

Court Transcript Lilly E.

Transcript of Lilly E's testimony at the trial in 2003.

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