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Court Filings

Order Granting Motion To Appoint New Counsel

Court Order granting motion to appoint new counsel

Motion to Withdraw Co-Counsel

Motion to withdraw co-counsel

Order Granting Motion To Appoint New Co-Counsel

Court Order granting motion to appoint new co-counsel

Order Dismissing Direct Appeal

Supreme Court ruling dismissing direct appeal

Order Summary Dismissal

Court order dismissing Claims 1, 2 and parts of 3

Order Dismissing Motion to Dismiss Counsel

Court order dismissing Motion to Dismiss Counsel

Order Dismissing Claims 7 8 & 9 of MAR

Court order dismissing Claims 7 8 & 9 (sentencing phase)

Order Finding Defendent Competent to Proceed

Court order finding defendent competent to proceed

Brief 2020

Brief submitted by the defense pertaining to the appeal in front of the NC Supreme Court

Writ of Certiorari 2019

Writ of Certiorari under consideration by the NC Supreme Court

Supplemental Motion for Appropriate Relief 2013

Supplemental Motion adding additional legal arguments to the MAR from 2007.

Motion For Appropriate Relief 2007

While not complete, the MAR and SMAR from 2007 and 2013 are the legal documents that give the most comprehensive summary of Scott's case and what went wrong with it.

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