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Current Appeal

NC Supreme Court Opinion

Supreme Court ruling in Scott's favour sending the appeal back to the MAR court for a full evidentiary hearing over the legal failure at trial

Brief 2020

Brief submitted by the defense pertaining to the appeal in front of the NC Supreme Court

Writ of Certiorari 2019

Writ of Certiorari under consideration by the NC Supreme Court

Hearing Transcript Lois Lawson 2018

Transcript of Lois Lawson's testimony detailing her then husband's motive to harm Gailey, Vanessa's anger toward Scott at leaving her for Kelly Racobs and the fact that neither of his trial attorneys asked her to tesify

Supplemental Motion for Appropriate Relief 2013

Supplemental Motion adding additional legal arguments to the MAR from 2007.

Motion For Appropriate Relief 2007

While not complete, the MAR and SMAR from 2007 and 2013 are the legal documents that give the most comprehensive summary of Scott's case and what went wrong with it.

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