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Scott's Alibi

Hearing Transcript Christina Chamberlain 2018

Transcript of Christina Chamberlain testimony of Scott staying overnight at her house on the night of the shooting

Hearing Transcript Atkinson 2018

Transcript of Atkinson testimony admitting to knowing of Scott's alibi or the night of shooting, and the letter from Vanessa stating his innocence, but failing to use either

Affidavit Robert Johnson 2012

Affidavit of Robert Johnson contradicting Vanessa's timeline, her story that Scott was armed that night, and identifying another individual with motive to harm Chris Gailey in the woods ont he night of the mrder

Affidavit Joseph B Loflin 2012

Affidavit confirming Christina Chamberlain's account of Scott spending the night of the shooting at her house

Affidavit by Christina F. in 2012

Christina found Scott asleep on her couch when coming home from work at approx. 1:00 am. Vanessa S. claims Scott was in the forest, throwing rocks at the wounded Chris G. for the whole night (until sunrise). She was not asked to testify in Scott's trial.

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