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Vanessa's Motivation

Affidavit Troy Spencer 2012

Affidavit by Troy S., describing his relationship with Vanessa S. and how she repeatedly bragged about making Scott's life hell – and how she claimed to have committed the murder herself

Letter Troy Spencer 2003

Letter to Scott's attorney by Vanessa's partner in 2003. Troy S. describes how Vanessa brags about getting rid of Scott and threatens to do the same to Troy. Scott's attorney never followed up on the letter

Video Interview Vanessa Smith 2021

Interview given by Vanessa shortly before her death where she talks about her struggle to get anyone to help her to put things right

Hearing Transcript Dr Herfkens

Transcript of Dr Herfkens' testimony on her professional opinion of Vanessa Smith's mental health history

Hearing Transcript Lois Lawson 2018

Transcript of Lois Lawson's testimony detailing her then husband's motive to harm Gailey, Vanessa's anger toward Scott at leaving her for Kelly Racobs and the fact that neither of his trial attorneys asked her to tesify

Affidavit Kelly Racobs 2014

Affidavit of Kelly Racobs, detailing Vanessa's escalating anger prior to accusing Scott of Chris Gailey's murder

Affidavit Joyce Allen 2012

Affidavit of Scott's ex wife showing Vanessa's state of mind at the time she accused Scott of the murder

Affidavit Dolly Ponds 2007

Affidavit of Vanessa Smith's pre-trial cellmate detailing her erratic and unstable behaviour, her conflicting stories and how she manipulated her way out of jail

Questionnaire filled in by Vanessa S

A questionnaire filled in by Vanessa S., talking about her false statements made in 1999.

Affidavit by John F. Warren III. in 2007

Expert opinion by a psychologist, asked to assess documents about Vanessa S.' stays in drug treatment centers as well as other available information on her mental health.

Affidavit of Kelly R. in 2014

Kelly R. was the woman for which Scott had left Vanessa S.; Kelly recounts various calls by Vanessa S. as well as one surprise visit at her house, shortly before Vanessa S. went to the police and testified against Scott.

Affidavit Larry S. in 2012

Former husband of Vanessa S. His affidavit gives insight into Vanessa's state of mind after Scott left her for Kelly R.

Court Transcript Jeffrey P. 2003

Transcript of Jeffrey P.'s testimony at the trial in 2003.

Court Transcript Poole

Transcript of Lieutenant Poole's testimony at the trial in 2003.

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