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Vanessa's Timeline

Affidavit Robert Johnson 2012

Affidavit of Robert Johnson contradicting Vanessa's timeline, her story that Scott was armed that night, and identifying another individual with motive to harm Chris Gailey in the woods ont he night of the mrder

First Police Statement given by Vanessa S. in 1999

First statement to the police by Vanessa S. 10th August 1999

Second Police Statement by Vanessa S. in 1999

Second statement to the police by Vanessa S.

Statement by Tanzy L. in 1999

Witness for the night of the murder. Statements contradict Vanessa S.' recount of the events.

Checking Statement of Chris G.'s Credit Card

Statement showing when and where the credit card was used after Chris G. was murdered. Security tapes showed people that remain unidentified to this day. Reports, if Vanessa S. was seen on the tapes vary. The tapes got damaged in police custody and are not available anymore.

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