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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Esse Quam Videri This was what was prominently displayed behind the judge as I endured the tedious boredom that accompanied my weeks long capital death penalty trial. So it was not only the boredom that had to be endured, but so too the absurdity of the entire spectacle.

The pompous nature of the actors in this cold and uninviting setting makes the guilty verdict almost worth it because at least then you no longer have to suffer through the banal hypocrisy of those who have taken it as their life mission to defy the very edicts of which the espouse and ascribe to on any given Sunday.

LUKE 18:6 for the ringmaster who directs the action of the performers JOHN 7: 24+ ROMANS 2:1 were the roles for the live audience participation MATTHEW 5: 34 37 is reserved for anyone who has so much as a cameo, so even to have the audacity to speak out against these bad actors lends to your own condemnation, lest you are left without a credit for refusing.

One thing you don't see is the judge, prosecutors, and defense attorneys being asked to place their hand on that book before they proceed with the entertainment.

Ever wonder why that is?

Esse Quam Vederi (to be rather than to seem), perfectly describes what the court officials and officers of the law portray to their audience. Through lies and misconduct they are being who they truly are while their unsuspecting audience who never has access to the script, these exemplary purveyors of truth and justice seem to them exactly what they profess to be.

So the observation earlier of these "bad actors" was from knowing the script, and so being able to accurately criticise their performance, but to the ignorant and gullible these same actors are stars. Perhaps the acting classes they take in school while studying law do pay off.

Obey is what most are programmed with from a very young age. Obey your parents, obey Officer Friendly, listen to the pastors and obey the words your betters dictate. For the most part aren't these the same fine upstanding citizens that sit next to you on the church pew when the sermon includes 2 CORINTHANS 2. 5-11 and MATTHEW 25.43? Were the people who make up the jury absent the day when the VI+ IX commandments were explained, or did they just seem to be there? Yet they all expect to be respected and "Your honoured" for their roles. When exactly did mans law usurps your beliefs? The same ones you want others to see you obeying.

The problem with believing for beliefs sake, and /on blindly following, is that all you "know" is what the one you hold in such high regard is projecting. If however you are in a position to really see things from the perspective of knowing better the events this scripted "act" was loosely based on, then you can say with certainty that they are bad actors in the truest sense of a double entendre. Esse Quam Videri

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