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Living Memory

Remember when?

Sometimes that is how it happens, at others it’s ‘he did that’ or ‘she said this.’

These things occur during family reunions when you hear a song, or drive past some locale or another. A spark of memory can be lit by the oddest thing. Depending on your mood, a wide range of emotion is experienced. We can laugh or cry, get mad or be inspired. Often too we can run the gamut and feel more than one. Hopefully we take a moment to assess why these emotions arise, and then go forward without suffering some melancholy.

People we loved or cared for in some way at least, leave us all too soon. Accidents, old age, suicide, overdose, or just moving on in life. Absence and distance by definition separate us. Mostly we can’t help it, so we are left with ‘what if’ or ‘if only’…

How many regrets do we have for not having reached out that one time that we could have but didn’t?

How often do we wish we could say ‘I Love You’, ‘I’m Sorry’, or ‘You Matter!’ one more time?

Those who have left us are only memories, of which we cannot change.

But what if?

If you are reading this then please know that this is me reaching out to say all those things that needed to be said to each and every one that I care for and love.

I am still here; your living memory.

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