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Take That Moment

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

What would you say to someone, if you thought it was the last time you see them? I guess it would also depend on whether it was a general fondness or genuine love you have for them, and then too the degree in which your emotions are stirred.

Take the example of a close, or even once close, friend. Right now you think of this person as sharing your view of things in life, how you see people, things you listen to, what you believe in morally, philosophically, even your desires. If you are one to express yourself then tell them what they mean or meant, as a friend, and show them how you appreciate that experience.

Life changes, new people come into it, you mature while not being able to spend so much time together, you experience things without their influence. All of a sudden, they are a stranger.

Distance and time further separate you, but you keep in mind who that person was when it meant something, when it mattered enough to impact your life.

Now a situation is being brought about in which you see each other knowing that this is likely to be the last opportunity ever that you can impress upon them anything at all.

So what do you say?

Apply the same scenario to someone you love. A daughter, a parent, someone that means more to you, for whatever reason.

What do you say?

When you are forced into this dilemma, as I have been, then you do think of what you would say, and to whom, both loved ones and past friends. But with that much time to reflect on what has happened between you, or not, you also realize that what you would have said then isn't nearly the same twenty years later.

I am faced with that conundrum in a way different than most. While no one knows, if tomorrow will come, and the unexpected interrupts plans and chances, the taking away of my life's opportunities was ordered by the court. So whoever it is, and whatever needs to be related, you must at least try, lest you too regret that missed opportunity. Act on it now. Take that moment needed to think of what you would say, and say it!

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